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 Post subject: FBA Swappy
PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 6:42 pm 
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Joined: Sat May 30, 2009 2:57 pm
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Location: Germany Frankonia
Hello @all;
Here is the first playable demo of that project, which causes me to work with FBA Creator.
Look at the code it start's with, download, relax and have fun. Source will follow up later when ready.

-- My favourite 3-in-a-Row swapping game(s): 
Get 3 or more equal symbols in a vertical or
horizontal row so they vanish and reveal a new
background tile.
Two symbols are swapped by tapping between them.
New Symbols will be filled up from north, south,
west or east.
When all new background tiles are revealed,
the level will increase.
Symbols may be trapped in a cage or in a crate:
They have to be set free first, before they can
be swapped and vanish.
    Birger Töpelmann June'09
    made with FBA

       app     = 0
       pause   = 0
       level   = 1

-- global constants needed for events       
       gridx1,gridy1,gridw,gridh = -1,-1,-1,-1
       xclick,yclick = -1,-1

SOUTH  = 0
NORTH  = 1
WEST   = 2
EAST   = 3
TEST   = 4
       gravity    = SOUTH
       gravitynxt = gravity
SND_STUCK  = loadsound("stuck.wav")
SND_SWAP   = loadsound("swap.wav")
SND_REMOVE = loadsound("remove.wav")
SND_LEVEL  = loadsound("meepmeep.wav")
SND_EXIT   = loadsound("VISTA.WAV")
include "Events.fba"
include "PrintBig.fba"
--GRIDBACK = 0 -- define globals for Gamegrid
include "Game1grid.fba"


Please consider that it is still under development, things to do are:
Check for valid moves available (here I'm really stucked in the moment);
Setup screen, for preselect count of different symbols;
setup the gamegrid size;
implement the trapped symbols;
help screens(tutorial);
a controlbar for going back one level, play, pause, stop & skip level.
different levels where the grid is shaped (walls);
a puzzle mode, where some symbols have to be joined to a group;
does anyone need a highscore list?
Any ideas how to add points?

Graphics & Font are made by myself, Sounds were found on a Backup CD from my ex 486.

And is it a failure or a feature? I have to start the app twice, to make it run on my PDA with WM6.

Regards Birger

File comment: zipped setup.arm.cab
swappy03_setup.ARM.CAB.zip [199.52 KiB]
Downloaded 1010 times

[x] -- Click at the [x] while pressing [SHIFT] + [ALT] + [NUM-LOCK] simultanously.
PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:57 pm 
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Joined: Sat May 30, 2009 2:57 pm
Posts: 18
Location: Germany Frankonia
Hello @All;
this is the Game Swappy so far and still a buildingsite..but playable. How to Play? The gameplay is similiar to Bejeweled and Tapper Island + the direction the gaps are filled up, changes randomly with every move.
Symbols must vanish at all positions, were the background tile is not blue. Vanished symbols reveal a new background tile color (up to 4 stages), when all background tiles are blue the Level is completed. Score is still a count of vanished symbols. When exiting, the present level & score is saved in a config file, so when starting again, you will be at the same level & score you finished last time. There are 21 levels: The higher the level, the more different symbols and more backtiles have to be revealed. Past level 21 the next level is randomly choosen.. To reset level & score delete the file swappy.dat.fbaff in the program directory.

Attention: Swapping two Symbols is done by tapping between them! You can't mark one and then choose the other.

On my WM6 PDA the application runs after the second start. Go to program\games Start FBA Swappy 0.5, the screen flashes, but nothing happens. Then start FBA Swappy 0.5 again and enjoy and relax.

Any questions, tipps, improvements or better resources (symbols & sounds) - please post them here.

File comment: FBA Swappy 0.5 project files.
FBA Swappy 05.zip [177.5 KiB]
Downloaded 1040 times

[x] -- Click at the [x] while pressing [SHIFT] + [ALT] + [NUM-LOCK] simultanously.
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