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FBA ARM/X86 Player Source Code - Update 0.2462
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Author:  evilmaio [ Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  FBA ARM/X86 Player Source Code - Update 0.2462

Finally FBA goes opensource!!

After several months, due to lack of free time, I decided to open FBA player releasing its source code!!
I hope someone of you can find this sources useful :)

Please note, actually I CAN'T GIVE ANY SUPPORT on this source code for all troubles you can have using it.

So please, don't send me mails asking 'how to compile it' and so on; instead post the question on the forum and hope someone (or me) can answer it :)

So here's the FBA player sources:


Source code is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
Where not specified, each source file is covered by BSD License.

I compiled this with Visual Studio .Net 2003 (X86 Version) and Embedded Visual C++ 2002 (ARM Version). The player is actually a big .DAT file, this file is used by FBA IDE (written in Delphi7, sources available on the forum) and contains 4 players executable files (X86 executable with TTF support, X86 executable without TTF support, ARM executable with TTF support, ARM executable without TTF support).
Please note, the project file was compiled linking to sources directory of Hekkus Sound System (the sound library). You should modify the code if you haven't the sources of the Hekkus library (I can't provide them because they aren't opensource) using the dynamic linking version.

Good luck and thank you for your support :)


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