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Application keeps crashing / closing itself
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Author:  DanHen [ Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Application keeps crashing / closing itself

hello guys :D
well, it's not a game, it's a application with pictures and texts.
if you really want to try to help me, please, download source and release here:

and now, what's going on:
controlling application is described in source, it's just small aplication, so dont worry to be reading tons of source :) nothing like that, just a few rows of code, nothing special. this is my first application in fba, but have some previous experience with programing in others languages ...
and now, what's wrong:
when i start appliacation in my PDA, click on wellcome screen. menu appears. i choose ANY pictures (face, body , singing) and start browsing throughout pictures, as is described in code (pics.fba). and, suddenly, after a few click for previous or next picture, application will close itself! this is not crash as wrong code, or something. application just close itself :( there is no rule, when app will crash. sometimes is on second click, sometimes on 12-th click... i am being out of my bloody mind, cause of that :(
when i build a desktop release, it works prefectly. when i run application directly from FBA, it works perfectly.
so, please, if anybody is willing to help me, will be very greatfull, guys ... cause i really dont know, where is a mistake ...
and, this app is made for VGA resolution.
and my machine:
O2 XDA EXEC, original WM5.0, WGA resolution (640x480)
and, having obviously last release of FBA, as you wrote on main page:
Current release: - 20/08/2008 23:34
plz, help me, if you can ! :)


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