Windows PC / Pocket PC
Free Opensource Multiplatform Development Tool
Current release: - 20/08/2008 23:34
  • Easy, Fast and Powerful
  • Create your GAMES and APPLICATIONS with very basic and easy language
  • Develop and test on Windows with a powerful IDE
  • Build PocketPC setups with just one click
  • Run your product on major PocketPC with Windows Mobile
  • Add resources to your project and load in your game with one line of code
  • All in one package! You don't need external programs
  • Much much more...Oh, and it's FREE and OPENSOURCE!
The Easiest Way To Create PocketPC Games And Applications
Have you ever wanted to create cool PocketPC Games And Applications, but you don't know where to start?
Or you know where to start, but do you think it's too difficulty or it requires too much time?
FBA is here for you!! FBA is an integrated development environment that will assist you for creating cool, fast and powerful
Games And Applications for your PocketPC !!
Forget complex editors or languages, forget very hard tools to create installations programs! FBA will do the hard work for you!!

Watch some screenshoots if you want to see what FBA can do for you!
And all this is absolutely FREE !! Download it now and start to develop your games and applications!
Graphics Sounds Editor Setups
* Support for PNG and JPEG images

* Load images with one line of code

* Support for alpha blending drawing

* Zoom and rotate images in real time

* Graphic fonts and TrueType Fonts support

* Gamegrids: fast and powerful engine for tiled games
* Support for WAV and MOD files

* Real time multichannel mixer

* Play more than one music/sound in the same time

* Real time channels control
* Powerful editor with syntax highlight

* Tons of tutorials to help you getting started

* Breakpoints and step by step execution

* Real time debugging with variables dump

* Execute code at runtime

* Integrated help system with full commands reference

* Integrated resources explorer: add images or sounds with one click
* Build your installation package for PocketPC, with just one click!

* Full setup customization: from main program icon to window size (and much more)

* Choose your application orientation (landscape or portrait) with one click